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"I have followed every one of the authorized provisions. The get will likely be out as mandated from the Supreme Court docket just after we peruse all of the documents and review them," he added.

Besides the truckers remaining from operate, there were also a few situations of violence and raasta roko (street blocks) across MMR on Monday.

The accused, from Uran space in Navi Mumbai, recognized deposits within the 4 victims involving January and April this 12 months although promising to obtain their revenue doubled in thirty days, the Formal from Uran police station said.

A courtroom in Maharashtra's Raigad district has sentenced click here a 32-yr-old male to lifetime imprisonment soon after convicting him for raping and killing a three-calendar year-previous girl almost three yrs back.

वेब स्टोरी वीडियो बिजनेस वेब स्टोरी

पीएम मोदी की मुसलमानों, कांग्रेस पर टिप्पणी और चुनाव आयोग पर उठते सवाल

"कंगना बरसाती मेंढक हैं...", मंडी से क्रांग्रेस प्रत्याशी विक्रमादित्य सिंह का पलटवार

एकच वादा ऋतुराज दादा... शिवमसह गोलंदाजांची धुलाई करत २०० धावांचा पल्ला केला पार

The opposition argues that the new timing will result in buses to get trapped in peak hour website traffic, leading to delays and elevated operational fees.

भविष्य : दैनिक राशीभविष्यसाप्ताहिक राशीभविष्यदैनंदिन मराठी पंचांगदिनविशेषउत्सवआर्थिक कुंडलीअंकशास्त्रवास्तुशास्त्र

FBI director says company is sharing intelligence to circumvent violence on faculty campuses around Israel-Hamas war

शशिकांत शिंदेंसाठी खासदार श्रीनिवास पाटील मैदानात, भाषणादरम्यान तुफान फटकेबाजी, कॉलरही उडवली

कामवालीचे नखरे सहन करण्याची गरज नाही, हा रोबोट करेल झाडू पोछा

पूरे शहर बांट आया शादी का कार्ड, लिखी ऐसी बात, पढ़ते ही मेहमान हुए बेहोश!

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